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Welcome to Rocket Studio

From The Rocket Team on Dec. 13, 2018

Making and sharing music videos has never been so easy. With the likes of Facebook and YouTube, you are one step away from streaming your music to the entire world. And yet, when was the last time you actually shared your own music?

Introducing Rocket Studio

Rocket Studio was made to help musicians to record and share high quality music videos using what we all have in our pocket. No need to be an expert in movie edition or to have the latest movie camera to show what your music is.

Rocket Studio is a mobile application, available on iOS and Android, designed to be used on mulitple smartphones to capture multiple camera angle videos of your shows. As simple as that.

You and your crew use the app to capture videos of your performance. Find the right camera angle and press record.

Once the show is over, hit stop, relax and let Rocket Studio handle the heavy work of getting all the recordings and creating the clip.

When it's ready, share the video on your favorite platform and write your own story.

Bring your crew

Rocket Studio is collaborative. Start by logging into the app using your Google or your Facebook account. Once you're in, create a project for your band and invite your bandmates to join Rocket Studio.

Now you are all set.

Do your thing

Here comes your part! Launch the app, select the right project, and let us know if you are recording the video or the audio.

Find the right spot, the right camera angles, install your phones and hit record. Use as many phones as you think is best.

Now that you have the video covered, let's focus on the audio. The easiest way to record the audio is to get the master from the mixing console directly into Rocket Studio. Use a USB sound interface to connect your phone, launch the app and select Audio only. Start to record.

Let Rocket Studio handle the heavy work

Once your show is over, stop the recording, relax and let Rocket Studio take care of the rest. As soon as you are back on WiFi, each recording device automatically sends its recording to the video editing plaform.

The Rocket platform aligns all the media (video / audio) and creates a clip combining all the video footage. The clip is automatically downloaded by the app when ready.

Share and enjoy

Directly from the application, share the clip on your favorite platform and write you own story.

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