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Find the audience you deserve

Use Rocket Studio Pro to share professional-like videos on all your channels and grow your fanbase

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  • HD video cameras

    Use your video and audio equipment for the recording and send the media for editing.

  • Professional audio

    Professional mixing and mastering of the audio tracks

  • Extended features

    Add more camera angles, use advanced video filters, get 30 seconds teasers of your shows, and more.

How we work together

  1. You record

    Using the Rocket Studio mobile application or other audio and video recording devices, you record the audio and the video.

  2. We create

    Using the application or through your online Rocket Studio account , you send us the media. We work on the video editing and audio mixing/mastering.

  3. You share

    You receive the vairous clips directly in the app or on your online Rocket Studio account.


Rocket Studio Pro is the all-in-one solution to grow your online presence and find the audience you deserve.

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